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Top 5 Of Our Favorite (Fictional) Alien Races

October 31st, 2014 by in Information

There are innumerable types and races of alien that have been portrayed in movies, TV shows, books and video games. Some are memorable but not exciting, like E.T., and then there are the really great ones, those that are memorable, exciting and unique.

The Psychlos – Battlefield Earth

alien races

Battlefield Earth is one of the worst things to ever happen in recent cinema, just as Scientology is one of the worst things to ever happen in recent religion; however, the book- while long- is not terrible, and the aliens known as the Psychlos are interesting, cruel and genius.

Predators – Predator

alien races

In the movies and the video games, the predators are an alien warrior race. They have a strict code of honor, and travel intergalactically in order to hunt the dominant species of different planets. They have many unique abilities giving them an edge over humans, but they will never attack an unarmed combatant.

The Symbiote – Marvel Comics

alien races

One of Spierman’s greatest enemies, the Symbiote is a parasitic blob that attaches itself to a host and feeds off of its negative emotions. This leads to the host becoming more irrational and aggressive. While the symbiote has an unnatural attraction to Peter Parker, it has spawned “children” and bonded with many Marvel heroes and villains since it first appeared in 1984

Daleks – Dr. Who

alien races

Emotionless, destructive beings encased in a robotic, metal shell, the Daleks seek nothing more than the extermination of everything that is not them. They cannot be reasoned with, sated or calmed. Their one weakness was, at one point, stairs. Now they can levitate, and they are immune to most weapons. Worse than being exterminated by a Dalek is being turned into one, which is something they can do if they need the numbers.

Reapers – Mass Effect

alien races

A race of gigantic, ancient space robots; billions of years old, they allow organic life to flourish in the galaxy, using their technology, only to come and destroy all space-faring life every 50,000 years.

Despite the Mass Effect sequels bungling their backstory and emasculating them, in the first Mass Effect they were the scariest, most enigmatic alien enemy ever faced in video games. Organic life was just an insignificant pest that they had to crush every so often, and it took the combined navies of the entire galaxy to bring just one down.


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