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The Biggest Food Ever Cooked

November 5th, 2014 by in Health

Hey bro, you hungry? If you’re not, you definitely will be after taking a look at this list of some of the biggest food items ever cooked up—well, you’ll either be hungry, or feel a little sick. Maybe a bit of both. Get your fork and knife ready for some huge food!

The Biggest Burger Ever Made

Who cooked it: Juicy’s LLC
How big it was: 777 PoundsThe biggest burger ever made

Look at that delicious son of a bitch. The only kind of people who don’t like hamburgers are the kind of people who don’t have souls—watch out for those vegans. This astronomical heart attack waiting to happen weighed 777 pounds. The lucky sevens weight was on purpose, which had to have been a little difficult to achieve. The burger alone weighed 600 pounds, and the other 177 was made up of the buns, twelve freaking pounds of pickles, and tons of other toppings like lettuce, onions, and tomatoes. We hear that this is what the gals on The View eat after the show as a snack.

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