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Posts Tagged ‘money’

The 8 Biggest Myths About Rich People

When we see rich people, either in our daily lives or in the media, we have assumptions about them. The markers of wealth — designers…

By: | September 30th Finance 548 Views

8 Purchases That Can Save you Hundreds

If you’re frugal, you might frequently find yourself worrying over purchases, asking yourself, “Is this too expensive?” But that’s not the right mindset — the…

By: | June 2nd Finance 2,199 Views

11 Money-saving Habits That Can Cost You

Trying to cut costs in your daily budget is a valiant — and often necessary — practice. A few dollars saved here and there can…

By: | May 29th Finance 3,325 Views

Why you’re losing money by stashing cash in a savings account

In personal finance, it’s the little things that seem to have the biggest impact. A percentage point here, a day late there, and you can…

By: | March 20th Finance, Information 9,854 Views