Accidentally Rich: 3 Inventions That Started As Mistakes

You know how everyone always tells you that you shouldn’t be afraid of making mistakes? Except that when you make a mistake, this advice is…

By: | October 29th History, Information


3 People Who Changed The World… But Never Existed

The phrase “changing the world” gets tossed around a lot. Did Zuckerberg change the world with the invention of Facebook? Maybe, but we used to…

By: | October 29th History

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Things Every 90′s Kid Can Confirm

If you grew up in the 90′s you would agree!

By: | October 29th Entertainment


How Rich People Go Camping

One can hardly imagine the rich going camping in the sleeping bags. And indeed, why bother if you can afford the glamorous camping tents shown…

By: | October 29th Information


The Weirdest Toothpaste Flavors

Those who think that toothpaste is limited only to mint flavor are seriously mistaken. Cupcake Jasmine Scotch Eggplant Bacon Chocolate Pickle Curry Aloe Licorice Fennel…

By: | October 29th Health


28 Pieces Of Technology That Show We Are Living In The Future Now

World’s First Virtual Shopping Store opens in Korea. All the Shelves are infact LCD Screens. User Choose their desired items by touching the LCD screen…

By: | October 28th Tech


Cool Photos Volume #7

Grass fed beef. Cows follow the landscaper up and down the fences waiting for their clippings. Bedouin nomads crossing the Wadi Rum desert, Jordan University…

By: | October 28th History, Photography


Awkward Science Questions Answered

For all of you who have ever wondered about these embarrassing questions, here are the answers you have been looking for.  

By: | October 27th Information


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