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Archive for the ‘News’ Category

Sochi’s Olympic Village Is Now a Desolate Ghost Town (40 pics)

The Olympic village in Russia is no an abandoned ghost town.

By: | April 3rd News 610 Views

5 Theories About What Happened to Missing Malaysia Flight

Each day that passes without a clear idea of what happened to missing Malaysia Flight 370 new theories and possibilities are proposed about the possible…

By: | March 20th News 4,773 Views

Hunter bags 500-pound wild boar

It doesn’t even look real. A hunter in North Carolina says he bagged a 500-pound wild pig last month. Jett Webb, a 34-year-old from Conetoe,…

By: | March 14th News, Sports 723 Views

Weapons of the Ukrainian Revolution

Self-made weapons of the Ukrainian revolution.

By: | March 12th News 4,725 Views

Building collapse in NYC

A New York City firefighter climbs on top of the remains of building that collapsed after explosion on Park Ave. and 116th Street in New…

By: | March 12th News 579 Views