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Archive for the ‘General’ Category

Where The Rich Go For The Apocalypse

These condos are all equipped living spaces that have been built in the event of an apocalypse and some of them are pretty fancy.  

By: | November 14th Finance, General, Tech 4,423 Views

The Most Bizarre and Fascinating Collections Worldwide

These people all hold a Guinness World Record for have gigantic collections of very unusual things. Umbrella Cover Sleeves Nancy Hoffman from Peaks Island, Maine…

By: | November 14th General 3,629 Views

18 Epic Fortunes From Fortune Cookies
By: | November 8th General 1,444 Views

The Most Useless Things Ever

This hand rail This completely secure gate The most worthless cable in the world This building These enlightening subtitles This handy pedestrian crossing This extremely…

By: | November 1st General 967 Views

5 Hilarious Yet Functional Tattoos

Most of the time, the only function a tattoo serves is to look cool (hopefully). But some creative ink enthusiasts have taken the traditional tattoo…

By: | October 31st General 945 Views

Things Everyone Can Relate To
By: | October 31st General 1,043 Views

Crazy Stuff Confiscated By The TSA
By: | October 23rd General, Information 2,974 Views

27 Faces Found In Everyday Objects

Faces in everyday objects.

By: | October 20th General 838 Views

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