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Archive for the ‘Finance’ Category

11 Money-saving Habits That Can Cost You

Trying to cut costs in your daily budget is a valiant — and often necessary — practice. A few dollars saved here and there can…

By: | May 29th Finance 3,325 Views

London’s Most Expensive Hotels

20. The Wellesley London: $502 per night 19. Cafe Royal Hotel: $503 per night 18. The Berkeley: $509 per night 17. Jumeirah Carlton Tower: $523…

By: | May 27th Finance 1,710 Views

Ahead of earnings, McDonald’s arches showing cracks

For McDonald’s (MCD), 2014 may well end up as one of the most pivotal in its nearly 60-year history: Either it succeeds in powering past…

By: | April 16th Finance 674 Views

How to Survive When Your Income Drastically Drops

Suppose the first thing your boss says tomorrow is, “Sorry, but I’m cutting you back to 28 hours a week.” How long before you couldn’t…

By: | April 8th Finance 2,793 Views

Think Like a Millionaire

Two years after launching my sales and business development consulting firm, I was inspired to launch the Millionaire Girls’ Movement, a resource to help women regenerate,…

By: | April 3rd Finance 6,811 Views

8 credit score myths: Fact vs. fiction

Want to get a handle on your credit? Well, first you’ll have to learn what factors impact your credit score. Unfortunately, there are a number…

By: | March 20th Finance 5,904 Views

Why you’re losing money by stashing cash in a savings account

In personal finance, it’s the little things that seem to have the biggest impact. A percentage point here, a day late there, and you can…

By: | March 20th Finance, Information 9,853 Views

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