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Archive for the ‘Finance’ Category

The 8 Biggest Myths About Rich People

When we see rich people, either in our daily lives or in the media, we have assumptions about them. The markers of wealth — designers…

By: | September 30th Finance 548 Views

5 Ways to Save Money Using Your Smartphone

We all want to save a little money, but sometimes our busy schedules get in the way of our budgets. However, there’s no excuse for…

By: | September 30th Finance 501 Views

5 Ways to Trick Your Brain and Build Your Wealth

Understand the Psychology of Spending Sadly, our brains aren’t wired to make us rich. Thanks to evolutionary quirks in how we view the world and…

By: | September 30th Finance 408 Views

2014′s Highest Paid Athletes

10. Matt Ryan – $43.8 M Matty Ice made a cool $43.8 M after piloting the Falcons to a severely mediocre season last year. 9…

By: | August 22nd Finance 1,342 Views

8 Purchases That Can Save you Hundreds

If you’re frugal, you might frequently find yourself worrying over purchases, asking yourself, “Is this too expensive?” But that’s not the right mindset — the…

By: | June 2nd Finance 2,199 Views

10 Tips For Dealing With Debt Collectors

1. Stick to Your Story The person on the other end doesn’t want to hear all the details about why you’re not able to pay…

By: | May 29th Finance 500 Views

5 Scary Facts About Debt Collectors

Debt collectors have a bad reputation among consumers. Even debt collectors who are super friendly and do their jobs by the book are loathed or…

By: | May 29th Finance 1,664 Views

8 Numbers Identity Thieves Want to Steal From You

The Star Wars Cantina of cybercriminals targeting your identity, healthcare, finances and privacy today might seem like a movie you’ve seen so many times you…

By: | May 29th Finance 2,261 Views

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