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Archive for the ‘Entertainment’ Category

Interesting Facts About Actors & Musicians

Unusual facts you probably didn’t know.

By: | November 7th Entertainment, Information 853 Views

20 Facts About Carrie Underwood

After her start on American Idol, Carrie Underwood has taken the country music scene by storm and now has albums that have gone triple platinum!  Here are 20…

By: | November 6th Entertainment 784 Views

31 Facts About Family Guy

FOX 1. Chris’ voice is based on Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs. FOX Seth Green has mentioned this a few times on Conan and in the commentary…

By: | November 5th Entertainment 4,299 Views

Things Every 90′s Kid Can Confirm

If you grew up in the 90′s you would agree!

By: | October 29th Entertainment 379 Views

A look into the History of Freakshows
By: | October 22nd Entertainment 819 Views

Fun Facts About Horror Movies

Get the inside scoop on some popular horror movies.

By: | October 22nd Entertainment 1,550 Views

The Funniest Mitch Hedberg Quotes

Best quotes from the late great Mitch Hedberg.

By: | October 20th Entertainment 1,430 Views

Cool Group Halloween Costumes

Dominoes My Little Pony An Edward Gorey Book A Six-Pack Trolls Hocus Pocus The Golden Girls The Rugrats Shark Week Women Laughing Alone with Salad…

By: | September 30th Entertainment 3,319 Views

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