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5 Hilarious Yet Functional Tattoos

Most of the time, the only function a tattoo serves is to look cool (hopefully). But some creative ink enthusiasts have taken the traditional tattoo…

By: | October 31st General 945 Views

Things Everyone Can Relate To
By: | October 31st General 1,043 Views

10 Things To Do When Your Rich

Wealthy people can try just about everything there is to do in the world and these are some of the best and most expensive activities…

By: | October 31st Finance 3,014 Views

44 Place You Need To Visit Before You Die

1. Angkor Wat Constructed in the early 12th century (between 1113 and 1150) Angkor Wat is the largest religious monument in the world. 2. Hang…

By: | October 30th World 4,271 Views

Most Epic Family Halloween Costumes

If you have kids who aren’t old enough to realize how much you’re embarrassing them yet this Halloween, make sure you take advantage of it…

By: | October 30th Information 1,685 Views

Quick Tips for Improving Your Health

Quick tips on living a healthy lifestyle!

By: | October 30th Health 510 Views

The 3 Manliest Flavors of Ice Cream That Actually Exist

It’s hard to find a human being alive on the planet that doesn’t enjoy a good bowl of ice cream: it’s the perfect snack, and its popularity…

By: | October 30th Health, Information 783 Views

3 Scary Things That Could Exterminate Humanity In Less Than 24 Hours

AIDs, obesity, robot takeovers….Why worry about things that can kill you in ten years when there are so many things that can kill you right now. There are…

By: | October 29th Information 9,853 Views

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