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5 Hilarious Yet Functional Tattoos

October 31st, 2014 by in General

Most of the time, the only function a tattoo serves is to look cool (hopefully). But some creative ink enthusiasts have taken the traditional tattoo a step further and into the realm of being actually useful. Check out these 5 funny-but-functional tattoos

This Tattoo “Rules” 

This is such a simple idea it’s actually pretty surprising that more people haven’t thought of it first. Featured in Wired magazine, Dave Selden is a woodworker and a graphic designer. As you can imagine, a guy in that line of work needs to measure stuff all the time—so instead of always trying to find a tape measure or a ruler, Dave got a perfectly to scale ruler tattooed right on his arm. He says that he actually does use it on a daily basis—and that’s pretty cool.

Additionally, this thing would be pretty useful to measure your wang with.

Lost in the Subway

Do you ever get lost in the labyrinthine hallways of the subway? Do you wish there was a better way to figure out where you’re going instead of using one of the maps most major city subway systems have posted every 10 feet? Not to worry, we have a solution! Simply get a tattoo of the subway on on your belly, just like this ingenious chick did!


Don’t worry, she’s legal! Don’t you wish more chicks had their date of birth stamped right above their ass?

Instant Disguise

How many times have you been in a situation where you wish you had a disguise, but since you’re not MacGyver, you couldn’t put something together quickly enough? Never worry again, because with a functional “finger mustache” tattoo, you’ve always got a tattoo on hand. (Get it? “On hand”? Tough crowd.)

Tattoos For Mathematicians

Getting Pi tattooed on your body is one thing, but going up to 80 or more digits is how you can tell the difference between a poseur and a real mathematician. How often this would actually come in handy is up for debate—but at least it’s different than the typical “LOL guys I’m such a nerd right?!” pi symbol tattoos we see so often.