Crazy Stuff Confiscated By The TSA
By: | October 23rd General, Information

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The Amazing Effect of Cold Temperatures on Bubbles

These pics show how a bubble forms a beautiful spherical crystal when it is blown into the air at a temperature of 15F (- 9C)….

By: | October 23rd Photography


The Scariest Female Ghosts Throughout History

These women are all now dead but that has not stopped them from haunting the living and they have been spotted by many people over…

By: | October 23rd History, World


New Jersey Tops the List for the “Most Haunted” State in the USA

There are many stories about creepy activity in New Jersey that makes it easy to see why some people would consider it haunted. So the…

By: | October 22nd World


A look into the History of Freakshows
By: | October 22nd Entertainment


Fun Facts About Horror Movies

Get the inside scoop on some popular horror movies.

By: | October 22nd Entertainment


A Real WWII Inflatable Airplane (16 pics)

Goodyear created this inflatable airplane for the military in order to try and solve the problem of soldiers falling to their deaths after an air…

By: | October 21st Tech

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The Craziest Restaurant In Japan

“The Robot Restaurant” in Tokyo is probably the craziest restaurant in the entire world (image credit: Robot-Restaurant)Japan at its most absurd and entertaining…Giant robots dancing to electronic…

By: | October 21st Information, World


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