New Jersey Tops the List for the “Most Haunted” State in the USA

There are many stories about creepy activity in New Jersey that makes it easy to see why some people would consider it haunted. So the…

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A look into the History of Freakshows
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Fun Facts About Horror Movies

Get the inside scoop on some popular horror movies.

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A Real WWII Inflatable Airplane (16 pics)

Goodyear created this inflatable airplane for the military in order to try and solve the problem of soldiers falling to their deaths after an air…

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The Craziest Restaurant In Japan

“The Robot Restaurant” in Tokyo is probably the craziest restaurant in the entire world (image credit: Robot-Restaurant)Japan at its most absurd and entertaining…Giant robots dancing to electronic…

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Cute And Tiny Cars

World’s Smallest Vehicles: Some Are Ugly, Some Are Cute, All Are Fondly RememberedAs today’s economy continues to shake and stagger, most people find themselves in…

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50 Awesome And Bizarre Finds On Google Earth

1. Potash Ponds 38°29’0.16″N 109°40’52.80″W Moab, Utah, USA 2. UTA Flight 772 Desert Memorial 16.864841, 11.953808 Sahara Desert, southern Ténéré of Niger 3. Swastika-Shaped Building…

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27 Faces Found In Everyday Objects

Faces in everyday objects.

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